What’s in it for Me? Sales Advice from an Expert

There’s an old saying, “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Although somewhat trite, this saying should be top of mind when reaching out to prospective clients or customers. It is the backbone of the five strategies Founder and CEO, Jay Abraham, of the Abraham Group has taught over 10,000 clients as a leading expert in sales and marketing. These five strategies are outlined below.

Sell your leadership with integrity. Your prospects are looking for leadership in the area in which you specialize. But, to follow you, they need to know you have their best interests at heart. You need to prove that you understand their issues and challenges and what you have to offer will help them with those areas of need.

Selfish vs. selfless. Your prospects won’t care how awesome your product or service is until they understand how it will bring maximum benefits into their lives. Your product or service may be top notch, but unless it enriches, entertains, or protects your prospects in a way that other products or services cannot, they simply won’t be interested.

Show don’t tell. Neither do your prospects care about how awesome you are. You may be the top in your field, but you must demonstrate what you can do for them. You must convince them that what you have will help them more than what your competitors have to offer.

Show your passion. Let your prospect know not only what you do, but also the why behind what you do. Convey your need to deliver only the best results to those you serve.

Call them to action. You need to not only convince your prospects that what you have to offer will be the best fit for their needs, you need to show them the benefits of acting quickly to hire you or buy your product. How much will they save if they employ you today? Will they miss the sale price if they wait? How much of their time will be saved if they use your service or buy your product sooner rather than later?

The team at Momentum Tax & Financial strives to employ these ideals with all our prospects. We really do care about our clients and are passionate about their entrepreneurial spirit. Our job is to provide services to free their time to focus on what they do best. Give us a call today, we’d love to do the same for you!

Source: Inc. 5000 September 2021, “5 Strategies for Conveying Preeminence in the Marketplace