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Most people think accountants are stuffy old men they see once a year because they have to. He’ll look faintly disapproving as he goes through your business decisions and numbers. And then tell you what you should have done instead. It’s a meeting many individuals and small-business owners dread.


That’s not us.
Momentum is a different kind of financial firm. We’re proactive, not reactive. Our job is to take the stress out of your financials and make them work for you – so that every decision is an informed decision.

We’re not a once-a-year kind of firm. With current information, you’ll know exactly where you stand every moment. We provide the knowledge you need to have complete confidence in your strategy and next steps to grow your business or legacy.


We’ll work with your team or handle the bookkeeping entirely! From invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations and monthly financials, we’ll use the most current technology to keep your information up to date and relevant, so you can make empowered financial decisions!

Virtual CFO

Think you can’t afford a CFO on your team? We can be your trusted advisor, without the CFO salary! Through monthly meetings, we’ll get to know your business and goals. We’ll advise on labor, services, marketing, growth, etc. If we don’t have the right expertise, we'll refer your question to someone who does!


Businesses and their passionate individuals have additional complications to consider when planning, so let’s work together! We’ll have a constant tax perspective eye on your financial happenings and are available for questions anytime they arise! For individuals, we’ll also look at tax savings opportunities or potential surprises. Send your teenagers in for a quick lesson on how to file their own taxes and learn the basics of earning and paying!


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