Not Your Granddaddy's Accounting Firm

Not Your Granddaddy's Accounting Firm


We’ll work with your team or handle the bookkeeping entirely! We can run payroll, categorize expenses, invoice clients, manage accounts receivable, optimize accounts payable, oversee employee expenses and reimbursements, complete monthly bank reconciliations and create relevant reports, so you can focus on everything else. We’ll use the most current technology to keep your books up-to-date, so you can make empowered financial decisions. We’ll provide monthly or quarterly financial statements, with summaries and recommendations to help you see the big picture.

Virtual CFO

Think you can’t afford a CFO on your team? We can be your trusted advisor, without the CFO salary expense! Through our monthly or quarterly meetings, we’ll get to know your business and goals. We’ll advise on cash flow, labor, department and pricing strategies, marketing, growth, process improvements, industry KPI’s, etc.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Businesses and their passionate individuals have additional complications to consider when planning, so let’s work together! We’ll have a constant tax-eye on your financial happenings and are available for questions anytime they arise. Quarterly tax estimates are a great way to stay on top of tax liabilities and strategize through salary, expense, and depreciation optimization. There will be no surprises when the returns are prepared and filed.

Here's what to expect from the start:

• We’ll have a free consultation to discuss your pain points and current systems. • We’ll do an initial 17-point review of the current state of your accounting software. • We’ll create a proposal of suggested clean-up actions, ongoing services and a monthly price quote. This monthly rate will include all services, no additional bills throughout the year for phone calls, emails, payroll reports, duplicate requests, social outings… • We’ll meet again to put the necessary applications into place and get them connected. • Depending on your package, we’ll process expense receipts, pay bills, update bank and credit card accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You’ll hear from us a lot as we learn your business and improve processes, because we are a part of your team! • We’ll reconcile all accounts monthly and develop relevant reports for your use. We’ll help you use those reports, too! • We can adjust your services as your needs change and you can cancel at any time, but you won’t…