What Can Dext Do For You?

The two most common excuses that keep people from reaching their goals are time and money. While money can be generated, time is a non-renewable resource and should be spent wisely.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, I wish I could do that, but I’m just to busy? Or, I just need a little more time in the day so I can get that done. What if you could find a solution to your everyday business practice that could provide you more time to accomplish those goals; time that could also possibly generate some additional income? Dext may just be the answer.

Dext is a business expense tracker that tracks, reads and stores your receipts and invoices on the go. It allows you to focus less on finance and spend more time growing your business. Also, with such tools as the Dext app and various integrations, that wad of receipts and stack of invoices that keep growing can be eliminated while you capture and post expenses in nearly real time. How much time does it take? Just enough to open the app and snap a picture with your phone. Additionally, by using email filters with Dext, any receipt that is emailed can be immediately uploaded. And, how much time does that cost you? Zero! The days of chasing down receipts can become part of the past.

Want more information on how Dext may be able to help? Contact our office to see how it may enhance your current accounting plan.