The IRS has released a set of FAQs for the Recovery Rebate Credit to help people file their 2020 tax returns. These cover a broad range of topics, from the process for claiming the credit, eligibility, and correcting problems. The IRS is asking that everyone reads these before calling to help with the high caller volume.

Some families may be entitled to additional stimulus payments if their family situations changed during 2021. Children born in 2021 will be eligible for one $1,400 payment. This is also true for families who added a dependent in 2021, as long as the dependent was not on their 2020 tax return. Your 2021 return will be your last opportunity to claim a stimulus you should have received but didn’t.

Please keep in mind that misreporting this information on your returns can lead to major delays in you receiving your refund! The IRS is trying to avoid delays in refunds as much as possible, but it helps to report all your information as correctly as possible to speed up the process.