The City of Fort Collins is launching the Small Business Grants program to help our local small business community address the impacts of the pandemic.

Eligible small businesses include those with less than 50 employees who make less than $500k in revenue a year, as well as solopreneurs, artists, and musicians who had challenges that were attributed to or aggravated by the pandemic. Examples of continuing challenges to businesses include: reduced revenue, increased expenses from supply chain issues, increased salary and hiring costs, and other increases in operating expenses.


There will be two round of grants:

Round 1: Opens August 1st and closes August 30th, 2022

Round 2: Opens October 3rd and closes October 31st, 2022

These grants are available to help with 3 recovery goals:

Stabilization (up to $7,500)

The purpose of the stabilization grant is to help stabilize businesses that have lost at least 15% in revenue from pandemic related difficulties. A combination of revenue loss and expense increase is acceptable to meet the 15% threshold. For example:

  • revenue loss is 5%, expenses are up 10%
  • revenue is flat, expenses are up 15%
  • revenue is down 15%, expenses are flat

Technical Assistance (up to $5,000)

The purpose of the technical assistance grant is to help small businesses to connect with subject matter experts to obtain key business infrastructure or knowledge they need to feel stable and/or feel resilient. This program will provide reimbursable grants up to $7,500 for these resources. For example:

  • hiring an accountant to get your accounting in order.
  • hiring a marketing firm to create an advertising campaign.
  • contracting a website specialist to improve your SEO, google ads, social media, etc.

Workforce & Talent Acquisition (up to $2,500)

The purpose of the workforce and talent acquisition grant is to respond to the current workforce conditions and help fulfill the workforce demands of Fort Collins businesses. In an unprecedented time, the pandemic saw a large shift in the workforce, and many businesses are facing workforce challenges. This grant aims to help upskill or reskill existing employees. Eligible expenses include training, workplace improvements, and bonuses for employees. The goal is to help improve or retain your existing employees.  For example:

  • paying to post jobs on local job boards such as Andrews List or Luke’s Circle
  • advertising for hard to fill positions
  • social Media training
  • quickBooks courses
  • updating a break room



  • Have a sales tax/business license in good standing with the City of Fort Collins
  • Maintain good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, and compliant with all city, state and federal licensing and taxing authorities.
  • Make less than $500K in revenue per year.
  • Had to have been in operation since at least November 1, 2019.
  • Have less than 50 employees.
  • For the Stabilization Grant only: show 15% revenue loss due to the pandemic.


  • Organizations outside of city limits.
  • Corporate-Owned Franchises and/or publicly traded companies.
  • Businesses involved in real estate investment, multi-level marketing, adult entertainment, or firearms.
  • Businesses owned or operated by officials or employees of the City of Fort Collins.
  • Non-profits whose mission is advocacy and do not provide program services to the public.
  • Non-profits that already receive annual funding from the city as part of their ongoing operating revenue.
  • Activities that support a religious purpose.
  • For the Stabilization Grant only: Cannot use funds for utility bills

  Organizational Exclusions:

  • Programs, projects, or organizations already receiving funding from the City of Fort Collins.
  • School Districts.
  • Any cannabis related organization due to funding being Federal.

  Funding Request Exclusions: 

  • No multi-year funding requests.
  • No debt related funding.
  • Cannot cover utilities costs.



We invite all organizations to learn more about the Small Business Recovery Grants available before applying. Workshops are not required in order to apply for a great. Workshops are informational.

Small Business Virtual Recovery Grant Workshops:   

Please click one of the dates below to register. 

Wednesday August 10, 7 p.m. 

Monday August 22,  9 a.m.